With the arrival of cell phones, or increased their penetration into the market, several people have deserted their Land line in order to rely only on their cell phone. Years ago, it was actually expected that the majority of people get rid of their home telephones, leading to a world built almost completely on cell phones. In practice, this has not actually come to pass, because there remain a number of extensive advantages to having a home telephone services even for people who have a cell phone to supplement it.

One of the most obvious benefits to a Home Telephone is almost guaranteed service fidelity. While cell phone service has improved significantly in current years, reception still remains spotted in some areas, including some people’s house. Moreover, cell phone network coverage is sometimes intermittent; so that a residence that one day has perfect cell phone signals may not get service at all the next day. On a day-to-day level this may occur occasionally enough that it isn’t a big deal, but when an important business call needs to be made, and a call drops out in the center of a heart-to-heart with a long-lost friend, a person may find herself wishing for more stability.

Battery life is another aspect in considering retaining a home telephone service even after getting a cell phone. Whereas battery life is getting better on cell phones, it is still pretty limited on most when actively talking. For normal conversations, this can be well, but for wanting to sit around conversation to a best friend all night and into the early morning, having the phone line drop out from a dead battery can be offensive. While several people use cordless phones with their home telephone, they tend to have better battery life, and this type of telephone service always offers the alternative of using a corded phone.

It also offers a possible benefit over the cell phone in the happening of an emergency. While many cell phones contain with GPS capabilities now, a home telephone service allows the emergency services to instantly locate where the call is originating from. This may be only save a few seconds, but in the case of a true emergency situation, those few seconds can matter extremely.

Mostly people may also want to appear in a local telephone directory, especially if they are running a business from that telephone number. While cell phone directories do exist, but there is nothing like the localization of yellow pages. Of course, several people like the secrecy of having only an unlisted phone number, in which case a cell phone may be just as good choice.

Usually, unlimited long distance packages with a home telephone service are considerably cheaper than unlimited minute’s packages with cell phone providers, if they suggest them at all. So for those people who find themselves going over their monthly minute allowances with their cell phone, home telephone service providers might offer a good savings. Of course, it doesn’t agree to the same sort of flexibility as a cell phone, since the user has to be home to talk, but for a few people, it can be a perfect solution.

Finally, the decision to keep a home telephone service or rely exclusively on a cell phone comes down to a person’s individual situations. For someone who lives in an area with good cell receptions, who has a phone with a good battery life, and who doesn’t talk to unlimited periods of time, the extra phone may not be needed. For others, however, it can make a great backup for that time when the cell phone doesn’t work well.