Analog phones are said to be the best invention of all time when it comes to the field of communication. In fact, many of the cell phone network service providers use somewhat similar technology. According to the analog telephone service providers and field related experts of communication, it can be expected that people may use this technology differently in near future but it couldn’t be disappeared. According to the gurus of music field, analog sound is the most viable sound that has greater inflection & delicacy as well.

Analog phone service or technology is also referred as Plain Old Telephone Service ( P O T S ). POTS is extensively being used in standard phones, fax machines and modems. Basically, there are two types of phone technologies namely analog phone and digital phones. In order to differentiate between the both, simply look at the back of the product to see if they are complied with FCC rules, & Part 68. If a product does comply, then the phone is analog in nature.

Analog telephone service providers term their services as the simplest mode of communication as compared to digital services. According to them, installation and connection of analog phone is done through structured cabling, that is the most easiest of all. Basically, standard analog telephone hardware requires one line. However, fax & answering machines can also be used with analog phone by using appropriate adapter for the hardware. Another most appealing and attractive benefit of having analog telephone service with standard structured cabling system is that it is the most economical way of communicating as it doesn’t consume much of the power.

With help of appropriate and recommended adapter, users can also connect their analog telephone service with the internet. In fact, users once get connected to internet network protocol then they are not even required to dial phone numbers using traditional analog scheme. Most of the adapters that are being designed today are meant to be stand alone units. These standalone units can be easily connected directly to the internet network protocol system by utilizing broadband services or USB drives.

According to analog telephone service providers, this technology is extensively being used in residential areas and small office surroundings. Analog phones are generally equipped with some basic features like hold button, redial option, and mute feature. Modern analog phones have speed dial button as well as three way communicating capabilities. In order to receive voice mails, one is required to active the service by contacting the respective telephone service provider.

Analog phone service works on the basic electrical phenomenon of transformation of signal. Once the caller gets connected to another, a voice signal is generated. This voice signal is then converted into equivalent electrical signal with the help of a transducer. The electrical signal with information in it is then sent to the tower. Before it reaches on the other side of the phone, electrical signal is reverted back into audio signal again with the help of transducer. This is the basic phenomenon that is widely being used and is the most authentic, secure, & reliable of all communication means.

According to analog telephone service provider, sometimes when a user dials an international number or he intends to call someone overseas then structured cabling system gets failed, most of the time. For this, the signal is converted into digital signal that is easier to send over the long distance as compared to electrical signal. The digital signal is reverted back to analog signal before it hits the receiver of the listener. Digital signals are easier to store, recall and analyze as compared to analog signals.