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TeleSystemsCorp is specialized in working on the telecommunications order with customers based on the AT&T network. The company’s services deals in long distance, voice lines, T1 or DSL services. The company works at the request of the customer and has a wide variety of products aimed at the AT&T users. These services would have otherwise not been accessed by the user. It serves to ensure that the AT&T customers have less likelihood of dealing straight with AT&T. The services offered by TeleSystemsCorp are of an outsourced order center to the company AT&T and rather not as a re-seller of AT&T products. These services can be conveniently offered by TelesystemsCorp.

Telesystemscorp works in servicing the specific demands that each AT&T customer may have. The services include but are not limited to T1, point to point, VoIP, DSL and long distance. What actually happens is that the customer calls in with their needs and Telesystems Corp takes care of everything. The company goes on to inform customers subscribed about little known but highly useful money saving promotions by AT&T. In general, Telesystems Corp is about a company that ensures that you stay connected in the easiest manner possible. This means that you concentrate on important things other than your service provider.

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The company has doubled up as a consultant for business level products. Some of the business products need further clarification for users to fully utilize it. These services include CPUC tariff pricing, customer service and billing. This however doesn’t mean that the products are under Telesystems but are rather under the umbrella of AT&T. We also offers network integration services. Such services range from Dedicated Internet Access to dedicated communications to Business DSL Internet Services. The products in each range are designed for different needs and ensure that the customer’s needs are fully met. Telesystems Corp designs its products to meet the various different customer needs.

Apart from the easy help offered by Telesystems, it provides an internet stand alone service which may also be included into the communications plan if the need arises. The internet service boosts high data transfer speeds, reliable infrastructure and high quality hardware and software and smart routing capability. The internet connection is quite efficient as its offers consistent high quality performance. All these features are there to ensure that customers have absolutely no worries about their internet connection performance and reliability.

The big question on any customer’s mind now is how much are the Dial Tone Phone Service charges to the customer. Truly there is no offence in thinking along those lines now that the services offered by Telesystemscorp are so clear. However, Telesystem don’t levy any extra charges on the customers. The customer’s bill still remains unchanged even after using dial tone phone services. The bill comes in from AT&T and thus the service the customer enjoys comes at no extra cost. This is aided by the fact that Telesystemscorp is not a reseller but an AT&T Solution Provider. Trying out the services offered by Telesystems is only a phone call away. Take that call to TeleSystemsCorp today and have your needs looked at and well taken care of.

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