T1 installation makes your access to internet smoother and more reliable. Its successful installation is one of the corner-stones for your business promotion and is also meaningful for internet connectivity in your home access. The T1 installation with low bandwidth is enough for personal use. However, the expansion of your business and organization requires more bandwidth in T1 line that may support your business grooming.

There are various services that offer certain packages for T1 installation. The most notable companies in this regard are DigiLink and MegaPath. Both of these companies are found to be the competitors in market with respect to their T1 installation services. Here a comparison of the packages being offered by these services is providentially sketched.

DigiLink- T1 Installation Service:

This company appears to be an emerging name in the T1 installation service. The cost effective bandwidth offered with the combination of some striking bonuses make this service notable in its current status. DigiLink is mainly offering two T1 service packages; Full T1 line and Bonded T1 line. In full Business T1 line, 1.5 megabits per second bandwidth is offered for uploads and downloads along full duplex data transmission.

The business and organizations that demand for higher bandwidth, another package having up to 9.0 Mbps is launched. As two or more T1 lines are ligated for its make up, it is called as Bonded T1 service. The packages offered by DigiLink also include following incentives, as given.

1)  Almost 16 static IPv4 addresses that include larger blocks

2)  An end to end CIR based full duplex transmission

3)  About 48 address space with 8 IPv 6 network is put up with no additional charge

4)  QoS is offered for VoIP

5) A back up service is provided for DSL or wireless service

6) A free router can be fetched

7) Technical support can be accessed all the time

The testimonials appraise the cost effectiveness of its offered packages accompanied with its immediate technical support. Other bonuses offered make it more attractive for its users. The T1 connection is highly directed with low turnout period.

MegaPath- T1 Installation Service:

MegaPath is another T1 installation service that offers flexibility to expand your business with the increase of bandwidth accordingly. MegaPath presents T1 installation of 12 Mbps that is coupled with Mega-Path Hosted Voice and SIP Trunking services. It assures 99.99% connectivity that is combined with Hosted Voice in low rates. Managed security options and other monitoring programs are available to make your business more protective. It helps you to lower your expenditure on secure T1 line connectivity.

MegaPath offers you two packages; Full T1 line connection with 1.5 Mbps and Bonded T1 connection having speed up to 12 Mbps. The vantages that are being offered by MegaPath are listed as under,

  • Full-duplex transmission of data
  • Efficient data routing
  • Highly guaranteed, 100% turnout
  • Maximum – 24/7/365 – network availability
  • Minimum mean time restoration
  • Immediate response on notified network problems

If your business requires more expansion, MegaPath can provide up to 45Mbps in its special packages with economical rates. The combination of network with other security and proactive programs makes it to be cost effective.

MegaPath is mainly preferred because of its security guide and proactive programs. The T1 connection is found to be highly protected to business expansion. It is highly recommended for the clients that require high bandwidth for the grooming of their organization.

The contrast drawn between two T1 installation services can be helpful for the selection of T1 installation service. However, it is usually the demand and investment of client that determines the effectiveness of any installation service.