Today Structured Cable System is the backbone of our communication system. Our telephone and data tools rely on the cable system to convey voice and data information from station to station and outside the world. A poor cable system will cause telephones to break down or data systems to run slow or not at all.

Voice and data cabling is the most important infrastructural aspect of an organization as it helps to transmit data and now, voice too. With the aim of transmit data without any signal loss, the material, quality of cable, installation or testing methods are critical. Networks in commercial area are meant to transmit large volumes of data at very high speed. Generally, unshielded twisted pairs are used for forming the network but, in order to get high speed data transfer; there are numerous criteria to be met.

In the mid 1980’s as modern communication system was just starting to become significant to businesses and domestic users, Telesystems recognized the need for more reliable cable system or a standard to base design and installations. We look for information covering such standards and establish little to work with.

If you are looking to make a perfect cabling system then it is best to choose for the structured cabling system. Telesystems will help you to plan, design and execute a high-performance structured voice and data cabling system for your office and home. A great communication system needs to be backed by an effective and well-organized cabling system. Structured cabling system facilitates to eliminate the regular network glitches, therefore making data and voice information transfer speedier. Faster transmit of information leads to higher output, which ultimately leads to greater profits.

With the demand for communication and information technology of today, lots of people have jumped into the arena of offering voice and data cable systems. The difficulty is most of them do not be aware of the need for a Structured Cable System or even don’t understand what is Structured Cable System. A wire is not a wire. Laying a voice or data cable on top of a fluorescent light is not good enough. There is a difference between Cat5e minimum compliant or enhanced Cat5e and Cat6 or enhanced Cat6. You need to know the reliable names that have the experience, knowledge, training, and desire to do the job correctly.

Telesystems has spent the time and money to appropriately train our professional technicians in the proper way to design or install Structured Cable Systems.

Telesystemscorp  well known name among all leading voice and data cabling service providers in San Diego. Telesystems installs all types of voice and data cables including coaxial, and fiber optic they offer CAT5E or CAT6 Data networks, and CATV RG6 Coaxial cable TV cabling for both Residential and Commercial Business applications. We complete projects of all sizes, like from one cable to hundreds of cables. We can add cables to your accessible location or plan and execute communication infrastructure for your new building.

You can trust Telesystems…… to provide you with the system you need and stand behind it. We look forward to offering our services and proving you have made the correct decision to go with Telesystems……..