Are you one of the many people surprises why Telesystemscorp (or another telephone line provider) have claimed that your phone line is installed on your premises, up till now you plug in a telephone and there isn’t any dial tone?

The fact is that they are actually responsible for the line being carried to the first socket (common in most residential addresses), or otherwise to the MDF (Main Distribution Frame – general in commercial addresses).

It is very common thing, that even though a line has been terminated at the NTP (Network Termination Point) there is still no available dial tone phone services. Beyond this point, you will need to acquire a private licensed technician to complete the required structure cabling for your phone system or telephone to connect.

This is not something that the networks tell you until it happen; therefore it is best to have a technician available to help out in the completion of the line connection. In most situations, you will already have some form of wiring infrastructure in the house. If that is the case, it will spare the cost of running additional wires and will just be a matter of “jumpering” your new line to its preferred location.

Mark The Phone Man (Mark Winstanley) the owner of Telesystems  (Telesystemscorp) provide a professional domestic and commercial telephone line installation or Dial Tone Phone activation Services and repair services to their valuable customers. For more details please visit:

Our telephone plans offer hassle-free and simple service with great call charges. No sneaky costs, no gotchas. Just low rates or sweet rewards for bundling with a Telesystems plan (they’re so good together).

From connecting a phone socket in your residential area, to installing and maintaining small business phone systems, we take on any job and offer very competitive tariff plans in comparison to major telecoms suppliers. As an authorized agent, we can provide a full end to end solution of your problems or can handle everything for your convenience, from ordering your telephone lines or broadband to getting your lines/broadband installed and repairing re-occurring faults.

Our Home and Business Phone Line Services include:

• Structured Cabling and Wiring Network installations for Telephone
• CAT5E or CAT6 Data networks and CATV RG6 Coax cable TV cabling for both domestic and Commercial Business applications
• Telephone line installation service
• Structured cabling for data and voice,
• Dial tone activation or repair service
• Demarc extensions
• Cross connects or troubleshooting
• Custom residential cabling
• System upgrades programming
• Telesystems can handle all your Data cabling and Voice, TV needs, usually within 1–2 days

Telephone Line Installation and Repair:

We offer a professional, friendly and reasonable telephone installation and repair services. We have been in the telecom industry for over 30 years and have the knowledge or experience to facilitate you with any of your telecom problems.

We can call to your residence or business place to make sure that you have the correct solution for your needs. We are clean, quick and tidy and get the job done first time.

You can even order your telephone line or broadband service through us or we can install it for you, taking the headache gone of setting it all up.

If you need help around your residence or business for telephone line installation or repair, can Telesystems provide a Free Competitive Quote and a one stop shop solution of your problem. So, get in touch with us now or request a call back. We are waiting to assist you.